Welcome to my small space in the Universe

The aim of this space is to share my own life experiences to uplift you as a reader to live in this fast paced modern world. Here in this space i will share my tips view on how to live in the most life sustaining way with a mixture of:

Life of Travel, Mindfulness, Connection to Yourself and Nature, Minimalist practices and how to live life lightheartedly for after all it is all but a dream.

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Spirituality: Coming home to yourself

Since beginning my journey on this heavenly Earth I have always had a deep connection with myself and the knowing of the most powerful aspect I have to offer which is: Knowing Who You Are. Ultimately we all need to know who we are to function at our most disciplined self.

I know who I am but do you know who you are? Follow my blog for all the latest thought provoking ideas on learning the most ancient spiritual techniques.

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Writing from the soul:

If there is one thing that I want to express more than anything on this site is that this is mere evidence of connection to a divine source. Everything that is captured on this site is a mere transference of intelligent energy the same energy that was able to create worlds. Who creates your world? You and your bodily senses of course! Everytime we feel, hear or experience something we feel or hear the energy of that thing a bird song is as much a transference of energy as wood burning on a fire, the fire creates heat and sound which equals energy thus the thoughts that enter our brains, mind, spirit or body thus is a transference of energy but the important question to ask is where energy arises from?

At any given point that you the reader feels compelled to contact myself with questions about my posts I urge you to do so, collaboration might just be the only way to create sustainable relations!