The Signs are the times

We are living in times of Crossroads. We are all at a crossroad and we all feel it and many of us do not know what to do about it. We don’t know where to look for information, we do not know where to put our attention to in fact its probably a little scattered. We most likely also do not know where to stream our emotions for fear that we might just say something we regret things we have probably had on our minds a long time but still do not have the courage to speak them out loud. Many people will be reconsidering there “truths” and there “3D reality” many however will not be reconsidering anything wishing to go back in time to a place of comfort. But you cannot go back if you look into the past you will recreate the past better than what it was. The past is gone no longer able to be touched. Yesterday we dont get to have yesterday back only today and tomorrow. At this moment in time our humanity is split into 33. 1/3 of our Population are living in deep inertia wanting to be drunk, eating foods that do not support their human system and believing that life happens to them instead that life comes from them. This 33 is scared of dying yet never question death itself, this 33 is already dead they think they are living they say “yolo” to life only to wake up one day if they are lucky to realise that yes you do only get one life do not spend it being drunk instead marvel at the beauty and meaning of life even if you believe there is no such meaning to life isnt that wonderful is that not beauty at its finest no meaning? Another 1/3 of our population will be wishing back yesterday for fear of losing all that they dare to lose believing the way to achieve human happiness is through handbags, shoes and the external reality never realising or knowing where happiness is generated right here inside of ourselves quite literally inside if you were to measure your brain you would see when you are “happy” certain areas are created we can do this all day everyday happiness and bliss does not need to be a longing anymore. Suffering is inevitable but seen from joy suffering is no longer the same. This 33 however are somewhat aware they know how to create beautiful lives but do not feel the beauty itself so they keep yearning. This 33 seek out spiritual teachers only to feel more unhappy with the void within enlargened. They dabble in everything that creates instant satisfaction.

The real 33

Then we come to what I term the real people. Reality itself a place were reality is not necessarily real but more that reality as we believe it to be is no more than a simple belief. The belief “I will be taken care of by Mother Earth” is not only a belief but true in all sense of the word. For this 33 they to others get all that they desire they look like the have the perfect life eating out of organically grown vegetable patches and living with the most loving families and partners. This 33 are like the other 33 who create all that they want but the simple difference is that the word “want” becomes “need” not need in the sense cannot live without a handbag but more there needs are different there needs are the basic simple needs water, food, clothing etc everything is to make life not easier but more enjoyable. This 33 has accomplished a success that no other group could succeed at. Their Highest success was in realising that they are It. The reason they can speak to animals, plants, trees, buildings, the planet and even a blade of grass is because they realise they are simply “IT” this it is no separate from “I” and I not separate from IT another way would be to say they are simply nothing.

Which reality are you choosing?

All realities are your own making. All realities are your creation you can be happy in times of turmoil. The last of the Human Freedom is how we choose to react and act in every moment. To think and be aware is necessary for the last 33 to not think other than yourself and to see you as the only thing that matters is group number 1 such group wish to know death but never think to search because too busy is there reality. The second 33 is a comfortable position but happiness is not a reality. Only happiness is limited to those of the last 33 they stare so intently at you not because they read your mind as you think they do. But because they realise you are IT and they are only thinking if they are thinking is “Creation your being wonderful at this moment in being IT but no need to think of yourself in such a way. Your doing and being perfect in your own perfection of IT.” This is what is called in Taoism and other spiritualities the cosmic actor you are God believing you are something else in the same way that you play hide and seek with yourself. The last 33 were not exempt of playing hide and seek they were not born awake some are exceptions but many have awoken because of situations that shook them awake. The true people who are truly in state of inertia is when something terrible happens but yet they fail to question why this happened. Because all things were created by you to awaken yourself from this fabulous dream.

Awakening from the dream

The path of awakening is not one to be fantasised but yet many do many people dress awake but a headress, a chalice, a seers stick and crystals only work if the user works. Many people we encounter on this path of life may not feel as intensly as you believe. In the same way that I do not feel as intensly as another. This is not a subject object blame game there is no blame. On the path of the yellow brick road should we speak of it is a path were we may need to let go of people and addiction be that alcohol, food, sexual or drugs there can be an addiction for all things even meditation it is prefusely advised that one stays in the middle of the road to enjoy all realities.

What do mean Realities?

Yes it is true the 3D world of 5 sense reality is our “main reality” it would seem that we are here especiall In the west the longest. But when you realise you are IT you also realise you are all realities in my own way of explaining reality is not concrete no reality is. When you are sick you feel an emotion but when you are well there is also an emotion, emotional reactions coincide and create physical reactions. That is a simple change of reality you are no longer who you identified yourself with the You who was sick. But we can go as far to say that we can go physically inside our bodies many cultures have known what the insides of their bodies and have subsequently mappe out the body for millenia even in more detail as western biology admits. Only in the last 33 category do we see these hidden realities or know of them. These realities could include physical dimensional changes the ability to fly or fall and not get harmed like a dream reality but the dream reality canbe contacted when we are not in REM sleep. Cultures for millenia have known of this subtle reality and even say it is more real than our 3D reality. I have been so fortunate that I have met such people who are in contact with these realities every moment of their day. I cannot explain how one gets to live a life like my own but once you first get contact with such physical people there truly is no going back. The saying “may the truth set you free” is not only true but real. The Matrix Spoon scene is not only a movie scene but reality itself. You cannot say one thing is true and say another is not all realities are true but in a subtle way all lies. True means that which cannot be changed. But as I have said all reality and realities are changeable if you have and know the power to do so. Therefore how much of reality is True. Maybe this is a hidden meaning to the story of life how much of reality is True? It is a question to be yet answered and perhaps cannot be answered. Modern science changes their theories every time a new person proposes a new theory. Each new theory presented as “fact” but I have said define True it means thag which cannot be changed. There is no fact. Facts do not exist they are but a barrier in the mind. To free your mind there can be no barriers. All things must flow. So I question how much longer will it be before 33 becomes 100 what a world we could live within if we just broke the boundaries of our mind. There is not much to do at this moment but one thing you could do is try to see how this reality is very limited that there are no walls and no blocks at all that we can be in contact with another dimension and create our own beautiful reality. But I warn you must just fall down the rabbit hole or fall in love but I guess both are just one and the same.

When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much.

~Steve Jobs

The Purpose of all Posts is to simply open up questions and plant seeds to all those who read.


Just Breathe

It would seem in these precarious times that we are unable to do many things, many things that are our own basic freedoms. Like walking, talking to friends and family, going for dinner or going to watch a movie at the cinema and one that most people will be missing going for a drink on a Friday night, me personally I wouldn’t know what that feels like I haven’t done that in a while out of personal choice because I have come to understand that there is so much on offer in this world. So I invite us all to come to think what can we do in these precarious times?

This is a message to the workers of our society and to anyone who has never truly sat and breathed. People who work only get one month vacation time in the United Kingdom in America you would be lucky to get two weeks vacation. But it seems that those who work can never truly be happy, we now have been welcomed by world organisations and governments to take more than our minimum four weeks holiday but quite possibly two or three months holiday. Those who complain they do not get enough holiday I see still complaining that they are now effectively being given this time to stop. As it stands we are at three weeks shutdown and we are in the 3rd day of that three weeks. So what is it we can do because we can’t go out and theres no point drinking alcohol we have no friends to drink it with so all that we can do is spend the time with the people in our homes. We can finally sit in the home we pay for because we all know that those with mortgages are really paying their homes never to be in them. We sustain our life quite literally for people we don’t like. We work so hard and build businesses or work for a business and become stressed and create diseases and destroy our body and our minds of all connection that we have left with not only the planet but with ourselves. When I heard its a respiratory disease I thought humans are getting back what humans have been doing to mother nature burning the lungs. Humanity are you ready to open your eyes? I ask us all to ask the simple question of “Who am I?” Sit down on the floor and begin to reconnect. For 4 years now I have led a much happier and fufilling life because I am able to simply Breathe. Nobody teaches us how to breathe nobody teaches us how to concentrate heck nobody teaches us how to even sleep or even how to think. Many people still wont know they have a voice within their head telling them what to do. But most importantly most people will go to the grave never even knowing there was a voice in their heart telling them where to go. Not what to do it never does that it tells you where to go. Usually its not far you dont need to climb the tallest mountain or swim the seven seas or hike or run or anything it usually wants you to sit down and breathe with it. It wants you to silence the voice in your head so you become so silent that you will know who you are.

In our society 99% of people are unhappy with 1% happy now we usually see this statistic for wealth its usually 99% of the worlds wealth is owned by the 1%. But as global economys shatter day by day there wont be much wealth, heck there wont be much of anything. In these comings months we could all lose our homes that we haven’t paid off (thankgod i learned to go in the opposite direction as the herd.) we might lose our businesses we might even lose or selves. No doubt divorce rates will skyrocket as the stock rates go down death is already upon us. So what else is there to lose if we cannot breathe if we cannot spend our time with the people we love without the money and the materials then we have nothing and by nothing I mean not a nice nothing more like an emptiness because when the modern man is stripped bear of material and all that lies externally its a pretty nasty site. If we cannot love without conditions then its time we be honest with ourselves and say its not working not that anything is wrong but its quite clearly ourselves that are not working. We all need to stop pointing the fingers to the external and point the finger to our heart and say this is not working its working against me not for me. And seeing as we were never taught how to do anything but consume not to think, not to feel, not to eat, not to concentrate, not to make a living consciously , not to use our awareness, not to use our mind and body to create abundance then we need to be honest yet again and say we have been scammed. We were all told from School and parents and peers to get the grades which in turn means to get the money which was supposed to = happiness well guess what it was a lie and many of us sold our freedom and others bought our freedoms long before we even born. Most people reading this will have created a life for another person never realising that everyone who ever came into their life projected their own insecurities into your mind thus creating the synonymous “monkey see monkey do” The only difference is you bought into a dream. I however get to watch the madness and get to see reality for what it really is. 99% of people are unhappy with 1% happy the difference is this. The 1% realised an even simpler equation to happiness there are two here they are:

  1. I must create a life that is in accordance to my purpose which in turn =happiness
  2. Look at anyone in a suit and ask yourself “Are they happy?”

Out of the two simple ways to create a happy life number 2 will always be the easy option because for number 1 to make happiness a reality then you need to know what your purpose is because by my god does the creator of this divine universe want you to do something bigger and better than being a worker or a business person. There are people dying worldwide they have been for years of many worse diseases than COVID-19 maybe now the west understands just 1% of how the developing world feels. But heres one question for COVID-19 “who profits?” I see Amazon is still operating. However thats not the purpose for this its to get us all to breathe. As I was saying the 1% of people I know to be happy have also no more than 1% material wealth than their counterparts who own everything from homes, second homes, cars, motorhomes, boats and everything in between and the need to replace everything from clothes to kitchens every month because the burning void within. The difference is the 1% have looked within and searched for happiness. I remember when I went in search of my own happiness within only to realise that there was no such thing as permanent happiness. We all want that it sounds great but nothing can be permanent happiness is as fleeting as any other emotion. Its learning to be grateful to be willing to wake up and see beauty within everything that you do and see that is what will bring you lasting happiness be happy that you get frustrated, sad, jealous and even anger because without your other human emotions you would never know what happiness was. But when we learn to breathe we realise that we are less emotional and more steady we become the ebb and flow we become and go back to ourselves.

How to breathe.

From this day forth until and even after the lockdowns worldwide I ask you to breathe here is a simple way to breathe:

  1. Sit on floor (be humble enough to sit on the floor)
  2. bring awareness to your inhalation and exhalation feel your abdomen expand and contract.
  3. Observe the mind if you sit long enough you will become meditative you will stop thinking. You will stop.
  4. repeat as frequently as possible. Become the meditation breathe as you walk feel the breath.

This is the most simple and most effective way to meditate. Meditation Is not some esoteric knowledge its simply doing nothing and all animals and beings do this humans have just forgotten the need to meditate it promotes health and decreases the rates of:

  1. Mental health cases worldwide
  2. increases and stimulates the central nervous system (you need this to work in order for your immune system to strengthen)
  3. Decreases likelihood of Most cancers
  4. increases lung capacity and thus strengthens the respiratory tract.
  5. Self inquiry (we begin to undertand ourselves better)

As a society there is no better time than the present to meditate so do it NOW. 10 minutes. 20 minutes by 30 minutes you will have become silent even the breath you wont notice. By the tenth hour you might have contacted your true self and realised your purpose, potential and the finite amount of time that you have let to fufill your purpose. We don’t live forever. We can’t stop putting this meditation business off you know its one of those things you should do but still haven’t. I have come to see it as people don’t meditate because there ultimately scared that they will either enjoy it or that they will discover their greatest potential. So go on as Charles Bukowski once said

“Do it, do it…DO IT. You’ll be sitting with the Gods.

Charles Bukowski

All great meditators know the secret to meditation is concentration. The ability to concentrate is a given if we wish to do anything spectacular many now call it getting into the flow. Many scientists have done studies on ‘flow’ its primarily associated with the Yogis of India when they would do their asanas their bodies impacted their brain in such a profound way because of the flow of their postures many say they feel one with themselves. As though time stopped and everythig began to intertwine. Here is some ways to develop concentration:

  1. Read 1-5 pages or a full chapter and then write a page worth of what you just read and see how accurate you were. Many people read words but form no story or take knowledge.
  2. Wash and dry the dishes. I used to hate the dishes now I do it for fun because I switch off the mind and become silent but aware and I fully wash and dry the dishes.
  3. sit with a candle and stare at the candle no blinking for 1 munute then rest eyes and resume be fully in concentration with the flame.
  4. pick up a leaf from a plant or from a tree and look at the leaf fully and notice all of the things you hadn’t noticed before and begin to understand the leaf. Fun fact leaves have veins most people have never seen them.
  5. sit down cross legged and do a body scan starting from head to toe feel out the body and notice any pain coming from shoulders,neck, legs even eyes can get sore.

There we are as the Buddha once said “Everyday is an opportunity for one new man to become a Buddha” Many people have heard this Phrase by Buddha but Buddha never told us how to become a buddha because he knew we already were a Buddha there is nothing to attain no wealth, no status, no amount of spiritual advancement nothing can be attained and when we come to this knowledge we see that we can stop. If Buddha did tell us how to become a Buddha it was in this phrase “All people can become a Buddha it is open at any moment to realise but how many people have the desire to become a Buddha ask everyone their desire how many reply ‘happiness or Buddha?'”

Breathing in I notice the Blue sky. Breathing out I become the Blue Sky.

There is no better time than Now for tomorrow never comes take just 5 minutes out of your 24 hour day to breathe and notice the difference it makes invite those around you to do the same if anything happened tomorrow that you did not want then you would wish that you just breathed today with your loved Ones. There is only so much time in life do not spend it being distracted by Netflix, alcohol, social media, dreaming of tomorrow. Top Tip: Meditation is an addition to your life it makes you happy when you are already happy make room for happiness to be experienced live a life where the by product of such a life is happiness. It’s never too late to go after what the heart would have you do.

Enjoy the holidays, Namaste, Om Namah Sivaya

Taking Care Of You Is The Only Important Task

Through life, we go through many trials, life lessons, and hardships. But it is directly how we respond to such things that show us if we are moving in the correct direction. The undisciplined mind only sees faults but the disciplined mind searches for an explanation as well as seeks a way to move beyond our own limiting perceptions and no longer identifies oneself as being the victim but merely the participant in something which is much larger than what they perceive themselves to be. The way to truly move forward through the hard times lies within ourselves our unique ability as a species to think of yesterday and also to think of tomorrow gives us an option as to where we should lie our attention. Thinking of either for too long for sure will take you out of reality so both are not very recommended but if the answer is to sink into yesterdays feelings, emotions or actions will take you deeper out of reality for you will be living to change something which cannot be changed for it has already happened all that we can change is our way of thinking about the events that have already appeared in our experience of life. It is truly all experience so that we can walk in the footsteps of such great contemplatives such as Lao Tzu, Jesus, Gautama and all other who have helped shape modern reality but all of them told us many times to live in the moment that which we are currently within for if we can experience the experience that we call life then we can create our life by seeing the patterns that come to fruition within our life. That takes us to say that living for the future also will not guarantee happiness or bliss of any kind it will really only induce a dream that we will strive to live for. When we are living through the hard times in life to look towards the future is truly better I would believe than looking into something that has already happened and that which we cannot have access to the recreation of future moments is a skill we can cultivate and should work to have access to such awareness.

Why can we see and feel the past and future?

Only through my own experience of life can I think to see this answer that works best for me. We see the past because if we could not then we would not be able to see lessons that we have lived through already and also we would not be able to see what we are projecting out into our immediate reality there are so many of us who divorce for a quick example only to find themselves in the same relationship this is the same for all relationships be it a manager at our workplace, our doctor or spiritual advisor if we cannot see the patterns that are being produced then there is something internally not correct. Perhaps you were told by a spiritual healer that you are impure and you believe this and so what do we do with all belief we create our immediate reality and so we may attract a spouse who mistreats us or create disease within our bodies. Thus our doctors reaffirm our belief that we are impure beings inhabiting an impure world. But however, all of that stems from the belief of listening to someone who we believe has more authority than ourselves. You are truly all you will ever have and need so it is best to just listen and cultivate inner intuition. When we come to why we see or think of the future well I would believe it to be that we can consciously create the future when we live conscious lives because then we are for sure seeing the patterns that are shaping our reality. When we become aware of this then we can find ways to change ourselves thus creating change within the future. I am an avid believer in the Law of Attraction and have seen this for sure first hand I used many techniques in the past usually I would find myself absorbed in the Future when life was not going so well because I had the will and the want to change my reality. But neither past nor future will create happiness it will only take us away from what we are hiding from in the present moment. Many people I know for sure fear to live in the moment because we have been so hard-wired to believe there is something to get or something to attain there is nothing to get or attain but only to dance and to laugh and experience thoughts, emotions, and reality as it arises in and out of consciousness.

The cause of much suffering

A lot of the time we might not know or realize that we are in fact suffering. Life has much suffering in it. The reason that I believe why we suffer so much and sometimes an unnecessary amount like losing our car keys or forgetting money only to go shopping and get to the checkout only to go into a flux of panic and shame of how stupid we think ourselves to be this should not induce so much suffering as we see in our modern people. The cause of much of this is our inability to take care of ourselves. We think or do not think at all that we need to stop and relax to think to inquire about our own self or even to simply see experience arise. This is due to being constantly told that if we are not doing doing doing then we are losing, failing and underachieving we praise those who work 80 hours per week and shame those who are jobless or simply do not wish to do we call these people lazy, fat or uneducated to name a few but what we think of ourselves we put upon others. We all need to stop from time to time for it is unhealthy and very unnatural to keep going. If we see signs of stress arise then we need to be able to eliminate the stress if we are told by family or friends that we need to stop then we should think to stop and see what it is that we do not see. Usually, others can see better than ourselves. Even if we are selling a million copies of our latest book or creating and producing more sales etc than ever we still need to stop to reevaluate our situation because if we cannot take care of ourselves then we cannot take care of anything or anyone else we also will not be able to keep working for long periods of time we will think we can but when we are old if we keep going we will be filled with aches, pains and all that we did without ever stopping will have been the cause of so much physical suffering.

Boundaries we all need them

It did not come to me until someone close to me was speaking about boundaries and how they needed to cultivate more boundaries and know when to say ‘no I am taking care of me’ I asked this person what are boundaries? When the person replied they said that I had many boundaries I usually comfort myself before comforting others and that I am rigid in my way of not changing my thinking that I should in effect suffer at the expense of others doings. I can see this being very true for example I have a very rigid morning start I start my day the same way every day without fail unless it is physically impossible and in those moments I see grat difference within my daily life I am not in a place of self-power but more powerless and not coming from a place of love and equanimity because I am very unfocused. My morning consists of:

8AM – Wake Up, 8:10- 8:45 Yoga to stretch from sleeping, 8:50- 9:10 minimum of 20minutes of meditation this is usually my working day for the other days off I usually do this 3 times throughout my day if possible. Only after doing this can I begin to eat, bathe, etc. For me, this is the only way that I can ensure that I am living to my best standard and quality of life. We can’t do nothing and expect to live from our highest or truest self. For myself, I would rather lose sleep and mediate purely because we can feel ever more awake and refreshed with 10minutes of breathing and reducing stress than 10 minutes extra in be. I have done this currently for about the past 4 months with the Yoga included but about three years meditating every morning. Even for myself, this is not enough because if we spend 10 or even 60 minutes of meditation in the morning but spend the next 16 hours in distraction then we are going to find that there was no use in the meditation we need to cultivate our mind to always come back to the moment. When I sit in front of someone my full undivided attention is with that person it can almost feel like a trance it is beautiful within itself to truly sit in someone else’s presence and fully be with that person this is self-care because to truly be in every moment is caring for yourself and for the other.

When someone shames us or blames us for taking care of ourselves we can say that this is disrespect. If a person cannot accept that we need alone time, time to think, go for massage or even go away for months at a time to reconnect with ourselves or simply to do yoga and meditation to start our day in a peaceful and powerful way then this is also disrespect this person cares more for themself than they do for you. If we allow this person to win then we also do not respect ourselves this is equally just as negative because the next time we do go to take care of ourselves we will think that we are selfish, lazy or undeserving because we have been made to believe that we should not take care of ourselves. You are all you will ever have in this world rely on your own spine for if you lean on someone else more than likely you will fall over for they will come to pass.

Hardships mean more self-care

Recently as winter brings I lost a relative it was very sudden and nobody could have created or predicted it. It was my ability to give myself that self-care that has brought me to the other side it is my willingness to say goodbye to salute the dead and say that life is always working out for me. For a while whilst many were stunned, shocked and saddened by the loss I felt like I was not human for not reacting in such ways I felt ashamed as though I possibly could not have loved the person if I was not saddened by the loss. However, this being said I had just come back from learning on a retreat death dying and the beyond from how Shamanic cultures see death just four days later I lost my relative it felt like a cosmic joke. This is not self-care this is just the experience that I was having and nobody can nor should they belittle another’s experience in life, there came times when I did cry for the loss but usually when I was alone or with someone who I knew would not pity me. If we have no belief of the afterlife then death I can only imagine would be a punishment to those left behind. Self-care during these times is a must for it is so easy to become vulnerable and have a feeling of loss of self so it is a necessity to come back and to keep coming back to ourselves. But the dying in the last stages of life never do not wish to die they never jump out of the hospital bed crying or screaming of going into the beyond but instead they allow death to take them as though beauty was death and death was beauty. So to conclude whatever we are going through always remember that life is always working out for us and that all experience is just arising and flowing back into consciousness the child’s nursery rhyme row your boat is very applicable to death for life was but a dream.

I found much in the 19th Century poem aptly called ‘The buried life’ by English poet Matthew Arnold. The poem is about the poet’s desire to know the true soul of his life partner. This small excerpt from the poem talks about how we bury so much so deep within us that we forget the dreams and desires only to go out and live the life that society wishes us to live instead of the life we were born to lead. Hence it is our buried life.

But often, in the worlds most crowded street. But often in the din of strife there rises an unspeakable desire, after the knowedge of our buried life.

~Matthew Arnold

How I Feel After One Year Into A Shamanic Practitioner Course

It has now been over one year since I started A Shamanic Practitioner course in the North West of Scotland in the city of Inverness. The retreat center where I do this course is called Anam Cara. Anam Cara is situated just at the top of Inverness at 600 ft above sea level. The views from Anam Cara are more than stunning at night you can see all of the city lights below that strangely look like little stars but of course just an eye glance above are the real glimmering stars above. Anam Cara has almost no lights on the grounds so always handy to keep a torch unless it is summer of course where it almost never gets dark. The feeling that Anam Cara emits I’m sure can only be described as ‘coming home’ it really does have that real heart energy feel to it which is a feeling that not just any land can replicate. The land has been expertly crafted into the land to create a real organic feel to it. The land boasts the amazing Tufty Top which is an eco-building with glass panels that look over onto the land far far away when you are within the Tufty it feels like you are looking at the whole of Inverness… You probably are. The land also provides basic accommodation with a series of caravans and chalets which, to say the least are pretty monastic and as a person who truly does like to live to the minimum it just feels right.

How I Found Shamanism

I found Shamanism at my front door… actually, even before my front door, it has been in my home since around 2014 when my Mum embarked on her own spiritual journey which also consisted of the same Shamanic Practitioners course facilitated by the same spiritual teacher. When I was a teenager I did not understand shamanism in fact my Mum hardly spoke of it for reasons I do not know all I know is I was not to touch anything that looked shiny, shaped like a skull or drums everything seemed to have this sacredness as if I touched anything the essence could be lost. Whilst that isn’t necessarily true because we are all sacred and not impure as so many spiritualities put upon us everything is sacred to that person and that truly was the reason of why not to touch another’s sacred object because we don’t understand to their consciousness we can only understand to the extent of our own. However many things began to change when my Mum did her own training for reasons I did not understand but have now been doing the course for one year now I can pretty much understand why. If you are not changing your life within this course I would probably say just let go a little bit more… in fact let go until your sitting with either £17.50 per week or a bowl of potatoes because that’s right this course will blow your life out of the water but don’t worry you will get it all back and with added investment of happiness.

When the time is right you will go

As I have mentioned before I used to live in London being a ‘normal’ human being. Then my curiosity got the better of me and I started to look into Buddhism I have always felt at home in the Buddhist thought for reasons I do not know nor can explain at this particular moment. However, I did want to let go of absolutely everything and no not just my couch, my job and my paycheck but quite literally everything. In the winter of 2017, I decided that I had, had enough of the life I was living that I looked into how I could go and become a monastic at Plum Village in South West France and yes that is a monastery held by the leader of Engaged Buddhism Thich Nhat Hanh. I conversed with my Mum and well she told me that it was not the first time I had asked if I could become a Monk but that at even before my tenth birthday I wanted to be a monk. However, my Mum was able to stop this thought from becoming a reality by offering the idea of going to a Shamanic Practitioner course at Anam Cara. As they say, the rest is history.

October 2018

Just over two years ago I sent away my application to go on the 2018 October course and so I sent the application to the spiritual teacher Twobirds. The teacher happily arranged for me to be on the next course and it was quite strange when the teacher found out who my Mum was it was widely welcomed with open arms. Anam Cara is like a true family all of its community has the widest of arms and their hearts filled with love. When I went to the first gathering it was like meeting my Mum for the first time. It was the strangest feeling in my entire life I felt like my Mum was just a friend who spoke of these things but I had not experienced any of the land, the community and of course the teachings I felt very odd but in the nicest way possible. I got to meet people who knew my Mum better than it seemed like I knew her. In the first gathering I learned about shamanic healing through extraction of Energy that has essentially clung or been given to that person that is not naturally there. This can be known as firing arrows in the west we do this very often when we gossip or speak ill of another person or even if a person swears or shouts in front of us there energy can easily cling to our auric field. The course is very intense and emotions do run high as it can be easily said that it is the stripping away of the conditioning that we all have that is nobody’s fault at all its just life. The Buddha had conditioning, we have conditioning and so do Shamans of the Rainforest nobody is to blame. We can strip this conditioning away however if we choose to do so all we need is the correct settings and teacher who will allow us the time and the space to do this stripping away. In shamanism, it is known as becoming the hollow bone so that spirit can easily come in and out of the practitioner’s earthly body, this is only at our acceptance of spirit.

How Have I Found Change

It is without debate that I have seen a change that I believe would definitely not have happened if I had not embarked on this truly unique path. I have for the most part become so much more disciplined in life and have been editing the parts that I do not want in my life and getting rid of those parts for new doors to open. I had quit my job, gone to Peru and have now more than ever focused on what I want to achieve through this course and have welcomed back many parts of myself that I had rejected or did not even know that I have missing. I remember during my second gathering at this course I was standing doing a fire ceremony and I had cut off my hair for commitment to the Shamanic life and also to give up everything that I had within my life. When I had gone home within a month I had left my job and began setting plans to become a volunteer in Peru. I have found this course has brought me toa place where the world is not just about me it is about everyone who lives on this Earth and how can I help those people I have found a true humanitarian side to myself that I know I would not have ever have had. I have now been able to look past people like almost as though they are translucent and see what it is that they truly are and for many people, they are like a ball of hurt, people seem like they were dealt the wrong hand and that life was too hard for them to participate within. It is without a doubt that life is hard and even harder when you feel like you are special in a world that does not honor that special but seeks to make you feel indifferent. I know that I could not keep going on with this lie that everyone seems to be going along with this buy to be happy. This quick-fix will save you its a lie and you come to this when you have seen the face of suffering.

The Face Of Suffering

There is a face that we know all so well. Many of us deny this face exists and many cannot recognize that we have ever seen such a face. It is those people that can keep going on when they are hurting all too much. I have seen many people and I look at them and I wonder why do they not change? It recently came to light within myself of why they cannot change it is because they do not recognize or cannot admit that there is something really wrong. Many people I do believe find it hard to keep going but it is until you recognize the face of suffering that is the face that will change your life. Once you see that suffering is real we see that suffering is all around us it is also deep within us. We see that in today’s world so many people are suffering many people in the world are suffering from physical ailments such as disease like HIV, Cholera, Cancers dehydration and malnutrition to say but a few many of these exist within Africa for example but in the West where we have eradicated so much of these problems we still are not ‘enlightently’ happy we have the highest rates of depression, anxiety and suicide rates which are out of the roof also we find it okay to destroy the planet for produce. We call War normal we call all of this normal but it is psychotic and the reason behind all of this is because we have not seen suffering we are blind to it its the same as a multi-billionaire not ever thinking to stop making money they just keep going because it is unawareness of everything. This course showed me that face and familiarised me with that face that I see it every day but because I see it every day and remind myself of the truth of it I can deal with it much easier and it will only heighten so that I a ‘normal’ persons suffering becomes minuscule. That is to say that nobody’s suffering is any more or any less than another’s it cannot be judged someone losing their car keys could feel just as traumatic as losing a loved one it cannot be judged because we all have different levels of discipline the undisciplined mind sees everything as bad and the disciplined mind recognizes the bad but searches for a solution.

One More Year

I still have one more year until I complete my training and so far I see so much as an illusion I can only describe it as unreal but at the same time I have been recognizing the spirit within all things and this is a very beautiful aspect of life that I am so lucky to have been so graced to be able to see in my daily life. I no longer see a no use for older people but actually love spending time with older people especially those who consider themselves as elders not old because there is a difference an elder imparts wisdom for they have the wisdom that they will not live forever but the old are still in belief that they are immortal and that death will not come to them. Just last week I had my fourth gathering and it was on death, dying and beyond it was the most beautiful experience that I might have in my life we will not live forever and having a great relationship with this concept will make life all the better. In the West, we fear death to the point it almost doesn’t happen. If you wish to die before you die and have your eyes open then the gift to yourself should be a spiritual course like the one I have embarked upon otherwise we have seen nothing at all. I had no intention of ever thinking that I would ever ‘believe in’ shamanism but it is a spiritual practice exempt of belief I see Shamanism as nothing but a gift to myself. I never understood how much of a gift it has been. There is no belief in Shamanism there is only your own unique experience and nobody will ever nor should they ever tramp on that experience to do so would not be shamanism. I cannot be grateful to all of those who I share my experiences with and who encourage such experiences. I welcome all experiences that I will have in the future and to where this path will take me after the year is over it will never end and I know this for sure. I feel so blessed to live this life from young I find it very hard and very strange to understand what life could be like in my thirties and forties or even seventies of what life I would be living even now if I did not begin to honor life itself.

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“The reason for the emphasis on shamanism and on other techniques is, you will need techniques if you go into the deep water. And they can make your life very simple and save you from unecessary suffering. Not all suffering is necessary. Maybe no suffering is necessary.

~Terrance Mckenna

Saving Ourselves Saves The Planet

It would seem that the world that we are currently living within is showered in separation, doubt and a natural unknown that is pervading our body, mind, and spirit. As a society, we know not what to do, so we are simply at a crossroads. As a species, we can choose to keep going with the way that we have always gone. Forward. It is the only way. We cannot go anywhere other than forward. We cannot change the clocks back but we can make the necessary change. For the past months, the world has seen a mass number of protests, we have had our world leaders and activist leaders tell us that we need change but so far there has been no change. Unfortunately, this is the way things are. The reason that things remain unchanged is that we ourselves have not changed. We as a species have decided to keep growing our economic infrastructure, we are still drilling into the depths of our beloved Mother Earth in search of minerals and resources. This is the way things are.


It is without a doubt that everything in existence is interconnected. If I shake my hand then tiny minute ripples affect the whole of my physiological and biological structure. However if I, for example, shake another person’s hand then the two hands are physically connected and yet again tiny ripples all around the two bodies will connect and change will happen. This we can take and expand and meditate upon and what we will find at the bottom is that we are all interconnected in some form. A beautiful analogy is that when a cloud appears and creates the rain the rain thus can be collected and can then go on to create tea, it will be poured into your tea and you will find your cloud is in your tea. This is an interconnection. The Tree and plant life create life by sourcing oxygen and we human beings create C02 which allows nature to flourish and live on, both lifeforms give life from the very air that they breathe. A beautiful meditation that we can all do is to wake up in the morning and see a tree and imagine an umbilical cord going out into that tree for it gives us the necessities to live we can allow many umbilical cords to come out of our bodies one at a time, one for each being that allows us to live, the Sun, Oceans, Plants, Bees, and People to name but a few for without any of these we simply could not have been brought into being. I learned this at a time when I saw nothing but helplessness but knowing I am more than myself creates true personal power a great way to walk confidently on this Earth.

Compassion is the only way

Many people have likened the changes that our beautiful planet faces today as a war. It is a war against those who refuse to acknowledge that such a change is happening and those who continue to create profits from such destruction versus those who are protesting and creating awareness of such changes. Neither of these sides will win this ‘War’ there are no winners in division and separation and so long as uncompassion is the way to win change on both sides then there will be no change. With this way of thinking this is our mind discriminating against each other this battle of superiority and inferiority and inequality for all living beings must truly be changed. It can only be changed in on way however my personal favorite way of change: Inner change, it is perhaps the only change that is needed. We need to change the way in which we think because right now many people are using their discriminatory mind not their compassionate mind or seeing things as they are. Global climate change is happening and not happening all at the exact same time. Poverty is happening and not happening all at the same time. Everything that we suppose is bad is always no matter what always is being balanced in this world. As a society, we do not think so much because we believe all that we see hear and feel we believe it all to be true there are very few of us in society who look beyond this manipulation that we are subjected to. We no longer believe that which WE SEE but put our faith in what OTHERS SEE and perceive is going on in the world. If you think something is happening in the world go out into the world and see for yourself. Do not rely on sources but live through experience.

Walls Of Separation

Every human on the surface of the plant should look into the mirror, the internal mirror and dig deep into the wall that we have created inside of ourselves and take one brick from the wall and see the light that emanates there. If we can take down our internal wall then we can create a bridge to a new world a world where truth lies. A world where we see that we are not what we perceive ourselves to be, it is unfortunate for the masses to say that we are in reality, not meat wagons that should just slave away our days. It is imperative that we look within for inward and thus outward change. It is our separation from our true self that has led us to destroy the only home we have. It is our separation from everything that is true that has led us to destroy our eternal mother, Mother Earth. Each brick that is a part of the wall will resemble a part that you have forgotten about yourself. The first will be the microbial life forms that inhabit your body. The second brick will be the DNA of your human ancestral forms that are present within your body. The Third will be the animal ancestors that are present within your body. The fourth Brick will be your marine ancestors that is present within you and the Fifth will be your vegetable and mineral ancestors that which is present within you at this very moment. As you take this internal brick wall down one by one hold each brick and relight the flame of interbeing within you and you will see this wall of separation will come down so fast that you will be left with the last brick the brick that enables you to fully connect with your Mother Earth once again. This is the only way to truly change. This way we can step into this old sacred garden once more. Through this we step into the new Earth as Mother Earth your thoughts thus actions will come from your true being. Each of these symbolic bricks will now be roots and will be present within you each and every moment.

A New Earth

Once we begin this process of the destruction of the internal wall we will not stop for we will want to see the truth of who we are. Once we fulfill this task then we will see change appear on the Earth and all will be corrected. It is necessary for us to reconnect in order to see a change in the world. We cannot blame or shame anyone for what is happening in the world but we can take a vow to change. Recently I have seen the truth in that which plants wish us to truly realize that is. If we are not changing then we do not grow and if we are not growing then we are dying and no being wants to die it is every being’s wish to survive to see as many days as possible. How would you feel if you did not see the sun or anything tomorrow? We should all be grateful that we get to live in times of great change. We should be grateful and gratitude everyday that we get to share this world with our loved ones and that we get to explore and see all of the beauties that this world has in store for us and so it is by moral standard that we preserve and take care of every being as every being is taking care of us and will forever be us.

“I salute the place within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that centre within you and I am at that centre within me, We shall be one.”

~ Crazy Horse

This one life can turn into many lifetimes

For most of my relatively short life and at the age of nineteen I can truly say without regret that I have felt like I truly belonged nowhere. That is to say up until almost one year ago. I know that I am not the only one who has, does or will feel like this many of us may feel like this our entire life never truly knowing what it means to be a part of a community, family or to have friends who make us feel like we belong. It is more obvious than ever that many people in this society feel a sense of loneliness due to the mass change that is occurring within our societal structures, economic and political structures many have been left with a sense of unknown in these very uncertain times.

When I left School in 2016 I did not understand the way the world was outside of a classroom environment. In a sense our School and educational institutions fail us all in this very exact same way. I left my High School at the age of 15 thrown straight into the working world with almost no qualifications so I decided that if I was to work it would need to be something creative.

Little did I know then only three years later would I leave my hometown to move to the bright lights and big city of London to pursue my chosen career in Hair. I worked and trained with a global brand that more than 50 years ago were the leading hair care brand and still remain till this present day. It all seemed to come too fast and I didn’t understand why this was all happening for a small little me I had done nothing to deserve all of this but yet it seemed to be coming my way.

I showed gratitude for I know gratitude will take us all very far if we allow ourselves to be so humble as to actually say the words ‘Thankyou’ for the life we presently get to live. I worked in the beautiful, vibrant and affluent area of Kensington were the streets were not roamed with gold but the minds of the inhabitants truly were. It was more than a pleasure to care for the needs of such high flying and intellectual men and women who truly were so fascinating not all but most saw no separation between you and them so there was no feeling of inferiority but more of an understanding of ‘You do your job, and I do mine.’ However at the back of my mind always the same words flowed through my head ‘Do you really wish to do this? Is this really what you were born to do?’ Always the answer was the same ‘NO.’

It was not clear to me then that you can change your life in an instant mostly because I had an ego and having a family thinking that I am young and making a life for myself was better than the reality that I was facing which was I was 16, hungry and skint to my knees. I had £17.50 per week for food and just enough for rent but I would not give up.

Questions we all want answered

As a young person we all have questions in our head that worry or frustrate us, for me I wasn’t caring who the Kardashian’s were or what Porsche was more expensive than what Ferrari to say the least I hated the mundane and London was filled with mundane. In my own head which I describe as “that I think too much and feel too much.” I am super sensitive but back then I didn’t understand that sensitivity was not at all a bad thing it just needs to be checked up on and to be taken care of. At the end of the day I got to the point of my working day and I was super exhausted and anxious.

Anxiety is something that in today’s world is more common than any other disease but in reality nobody tells us its real or how to deal with it so here’s my verdict.

its really just our own inability to get out of our own heads and see the truth which is we are creating our reality. It took me a long time actually about 6 months of constant anxiety on train platforms etc to actually understand this. I used to believe people were talking about me and I don’t mean people who I knew but strangers on those train platforms. It was insane but I took the mundane option for 6 months and decided to blast my head with music via headphones. Anxiety becomes too much however if we do not take care of ourselves and so I decided I would meditate each day for 5 minutes increasing 1 minute every week.

After I started to meditate I saw myself become a lot more relaxed and so I started to reconnect with an old interesting topic of mine. Buddhism. I did a quick google search and found that not too far away from me in Kennington was the Diamond Way Buddhist Center created and overlooked by its founder Lama Ole Nydhal, a Danish Lama who in the 1960’s traveled to Nepal in order for an alternative to LSD and found the 16th Karmapa.

When I decided to begin going to the introduction classes every Monday I saw dramatic change. On my first arrival I was amazed at how many young people actually attended. It really opened my mind to see how many people were interested and most importantly just like myself. I had so many questions and I remember one of the ladies who lived there told me that after the meditation I would be welcome for questions to be answered. I always think back at this and laugh because after the meditation I was so calm that I no longer had any questions it was my first present moment experience. It was my first moment of truly being alive and inside my own body and being conscious of this.

The word Satya in Sanskrit means Truth and the only truth by definition means “something that is unchanging” We live in a world of impermanence meaning everything must change form at one point or another so how can there be any truths? Well Buddhist and Yogic Texts lead us to an insight into the only truth. The present moment. The present moment is unchanging and our inability to connect to the present moment results in us never finding Truth thus only finding suffering.

Lama Ole Nydhal

I began attending the Beaufoy institute in the September of 2017 and I went every Monday and within just 3 months I was invited to meet Lama Ole at the community Christmas dinner where he would be holding a course. Unfortunately I did not do the course but I did get to sit and eat lots of vegetarian Christmas dinner and sit at the table surrounded by the community that Lama Ole would speak from. I was blessed to have such a close up view of this man. I must say I did not know that one man could be so famous for meditating after all he did look just perfectly normal but his supernatural ability lay much deeper than the physical body. My young mind was amazed and miffed.

When I saw this man I understood why he had such a following his energy was so calm and so disciplined that words truly fail me he truly walked in presence of the Buddhas teachings and was mindful of every word and action but then again this man was proclaimed as enlightened in the Buddhist world. Although he was a westerner like me and you but there was an edge, an aware edge to this man he had no robes on as he was not a monk and the only words he said to me was “Eat More Vegetables” little did I know then I became a vegetarian just afterwards he clearly imprinted upon me that day for my future.

Feeling the change

The months after meeting Lama Ole I was definitely feeling change within my mind but there was a growing pain which could be described as a “peeling of the layer.” One piece of the ego was being shedded and I was no longer identifying with my work and I know that I became a little less… involved should I say. All I wanted to do was meditate and be with others from the Buddhist Center they always had an insight that was much more interesting than how to cut a bob.

Finding my Mother all too interesting

I knew that my Mum had gone down a similar but all so different path than that of myself as she is a Shamanic Practitioner. When I lived with her I did not take much notice of what shamanism is or that at any point in my life would she successfully get me to try out her style and taste for life. Buddhism for me seemed to be the only way and whilst I do know it to be a truly profound way of life I did not feel very much connected to the world around me but more detached should I say. But that was all about to change and it began with my Mum’s help.

In December 2017 I asked my Mum if I could renounce my worldly life and pursue a life as a monk in Plum Village. The Monastery in South West France and the place where Thich Nhat Hanh was seated as the head of his lineage of Applied Mahayana Buddhism. I was determined to ‘give it all up’ in a search of truth. My Mum however reluctantly got me to see the world in which I lived within and asked if I would consider applying to do the Embracing Shamanism Course at the Anam Cara Center in Inverness. I did apply and by October 2018 I was enrolled on the Shamanism Practitoner course held by a revered and ordained Shaman by the name of Twobirds.

The beginning of a lifetime

As the beginning of 2018 came I was so excited for the October and I could not wait for 10 months to start what I thought would be my new life but this is a common mistake as the “new life” never comes we just live another present moment. Needless to say when October came I felt like I truly had died and I had been rebirthed and that was before the gathering of a one week retreat as I had died from this social conditioning of work for money and earn until death comes knocking on your door. I attended the gathering alongside around 18 others there were people who attended and flew from as far away as Canada. I still to this day after only one year of the first gathering of the course still believe it to be a social experiment of what happens when you bring 18 strangers from the developed world and put them in a room? It has been filled with love and joy and quite funnily the name of the clan is “The Clan Of The Rising Phoenix” and I must say with one year into the course I have died many times and watched others die and be reborn from the ashes.

I would love to go into detail and perhaps on another blog post I most certainly will but be sure to check out the link below if you do feel like this is your calling or you are just perhaps questioning reality or where you sit in the world then this course is certainly for you. As long as you are open to personal healing then I would most definitely recommend having a look at any of the courses Anam Cara offers.

Present time

In this present day as noted in a previous post I gave up or almost renounced the world that I once was gifted for a life of truth seeking and finding my own place in the world that I live within or the world I now live within. For the world changes as we change.

Thinking that I only left London a little over 7 months ago truly does feel like another lifetime. I could not have imagined the life I would be living now as compared to the life that I was living then. But that was thanks to my Mum for introducing me to such a life changing experience and showing me how life is truly meant to be lived. In commune with the world not in control of it. And of course thanks to my own self for being open to trying out a new and exciting way of life (Shamanism is a belief of the self… your own truth through direct experience) which would not have been allowed nor was it actually feasible to find a Shamanic Teacher in our developed countries. During my time at Anam Cara I have been in contact with many hidden talents, my own experiential truth a reconnection with Nature, a reconnection with family on a different dimension and a reconnection with myself.

At this present time and just under 3 weeks before the 4th Gathering at Anam Cara I have been immersing myself in the Science of Yoga. I have seen a new dynamic to my spiritual practice through daily yoga and I have been practicing every day almost two times per day and I now see a truth in bringing the physical with the non physical dimensions and how immersed I feel with myself in a spiritual nature.

The meaning of Yoga is simply unity of body and mind through a physical forms called Asanas charging the chakras through bandas opening the practitoner to new streams of energy. Which I definitely have been taking and finding the benefits from. I used to hate physical exercise and I was in no way in commune with my own body but through Yoga I have been able to become more grounded and find sacred space within the body. If you or anyone else feels in the same way then please take action because in reality we are truly having a self experience nobody is responsible for your own learning or the life we get to live and that is down to the choices that we consciously or unconsciously get to decide. But always remember life is but a dream. Dreams become lucid if we have the correct foundations.

“When I know not who I am, I serve you.

When I know who I am, You and I are one.”


Present Moment

We all at one point come to the present moment. There is no moment like the present moment. When we finally arrive we realise a lot more than we possibly should. We start to have a shift that can quite simply ‘rock our boat’. In this present moment we find what we truly desire, we realise our true purpose and with that comes another piece to our puzzle of life. When I came to my present moment and there have been many I realised that all that I had been living for and all that I had thought life was, was illusion, mostly because I had been so far away from the present moment for so long that I had forgotten that which I truly longed for: Happiness. We all want happiness we all want joy and we all want love in our life. These three qualities we find only in the present moment. The present moment is the only moment that we can live in. The Past is a recreation of the thoughts that we create in the mind and because we create the past we create the future usually we create the future from fear or anticipation from what we have experienced in the past. However all of this is false it is the Maya: The illusion.

My Present Moment:

Sitting on a nine hour bus from London to Glasgow. I had just had an argument with my flatmate, I was hating my work life even though It truly created my identity. Nevertheless just a week before I had been speaking to a fire asking it for a sign. I needed a sign and if this wasn’t a sign then I was out of Signs. After a nine hour journey I arrived at my Mum’s house and told her what had happened. She calmed me down three breaths in three breaths out. I was back home in the present moment. In that moment I came to terms with how I felt and I gave it all away. Within one moment my life had turned upside down. Dreams Shattered like a water glass in an instant. I was in the unknown.

Within a week I had lost my job in Kensington, moved from Greenwich to Largs. I started another Job. I was happy or so I thought. I was supposed to be going to Volunteer in Peru and I had no money at all. After 6 weeks of being home I left another Job one week before I was to go travel to the other side of the world. I had dreamt of this for so long to be in a far off distant land but yet the dream only seemed to be a dream. But I say it once and again Dreams become lucid if we know how to dream. I got a phonecall from my Grandparents and three breaths in three breaths out. Present moment and words flowed from the tip of the tongue through the phone and instantly my dream was created my Grandparents gave me the money for Flights, insurance and travel money it was instant.

I had the most amazing life changing experience that a person could really experience. I had one month with young Peruvian orphans who understood life more than I understood life. They had nothing in terms of material but everything in terms of Love and Joy, something the developed world seems to have forgotten in the search for greatness. I felt like I had never lived in London or worked in Kensington those moments seemed to have evaporated, gone in the wind. As time came for me to come home I realised that I did not want to go back but I could not stay any longer.

Coming back and… the present Moment

After I came back I went straight for a one week retreat to further my studies with Shamanic practitioner training that I had enrolled in October 2018. The topic for interest on this retreat was Divination it could not have come at the right moment in time. As a skeptic of prophecies or the use of Tarot Cards or any Future telling for that matter. It was nothing like I could have experienced it yet again my mind was blow. A lot of the work required me to have a question but a lot of the work also required me to answer the question also. This was different to the classic ask and receive someone else’s opinion but this time fate was in our own hands.

After coming back I had two prophecies running through my Mind “Transform by walking away” and “Follow your intuition for you always know” I spent a week throwing my CVs into every Salon in Glasgow City Centre after being invited for an interview I was delighted and accepted the job when it was eventually given to me. I spent two weeks doing further training when yet again Three breaths later I changed path, I changed the future and all it took was three breaths. I politely sent the company an email declining the job I had accepted and asked the local Convenience store for a job. Many people ask why I work there I reply its 3 days pay for a pay that equates to full time I get to enjoy 4 days off. Isn’t this what life is really about? Maximising your days off to enjoy the income that you work hard to receive to be able to work long term with no dis-ease and no harm to the physical body. With the 4 days I have so much more time for building the life I wish to live long term, I sleep better and I live better. I reminisce and fantasise the life I once lived now and again but after three breaths in I realise that to romanticise 63 hours of work 7 days a week is to romanticise false love appearing real. This is what the present moment has taught me all it takes is 3 breaths in and 3 breaths out to come back to our true purpose. True Nature. Truth.

“The best way to take care of the future, is to take care of the present moment.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh