Present Moment

We all at one point come to the present moment. There is no moment like the present moment. When we finally arrive we realise a lot more than we possibly should. We start to have a shift that can quite simply ‘rock our boat’. In this present moment we find what we truly desire, we realise our true purpose and with that comes another piece to our puzzle of life. When I came to my present moment and there have been many I realised that all that I had been living for and all that I had thought life was, was illusion, mostly because I had been so far away from the present moment for so long that I had forgotten that which I truly longed for: Happiness. We all want happiness we all want joy and we all want love in our life. These three qualities we find only in the present moment. The present moment is the only moment that we can live in. The Past is a recreation of the thoughts that we create in the mind and because we create the past we create the future usually we create the future from fear or anticipation from what we have experienced in the past. However all of this is false it is the Maya: The illusion.

My Present Moment:

Sitting on a nine hour bus from London to Glasgow. I had just had an argument with my flatmate, I was hating my work life even though It truly created my identity. Nevertheless just a week before I had been speaking to a fire asking it for a sign. I needed a sign and if this wasn’t a sign then I was out of Signs. After a nine hour journey I arrived at my Mum’s house and told her what had happened. She calmed me down three breaths in three breaths out. I was back home in the present moment. In that moment I came to terms with how I felt and I gave it all away. Within one moment my life had turned upside down. Dreams Shattered like a water glass in an instant. I was in the unknown.

Within a week I had lost my job in Kensington, moved from Greenwich to Largs. I started another Job. I was happy or so I thought. I was supposed to be going to Volunteer in Peru and I had no money at all. After 6 weeks of being home I left another Job one week before I was to go travel to the other side of the world. I had dreamt of this for so long to be in a far off distant land but yet the dream only seemed to be a dream. But I say it once and again Dreams become lucid if we know how to dream. I got a phonecall from my Grandparents and three breaths in three breaths out. Present moment and words flowed from the tip of the tongue through the phone and instantly my dream was created my Grandparents gave me the money for Flights, insurance and travel money it was instant.

I had the most amazing life changing experience that a person could really experience. I had one month with young Peruvian orphans who understood life more than I understood life. They had nothing in terms of material but everything in terms of Love and Joy, something the developed world seems to have forgotten in the search for greatness. I felt like I had never lived in London or worked in Kensington those moments seemed to have evaporated, gone in the wind. As time came for me to come home I realised that I did not want to go back but I could not stay any longer.

Coming back and… the present Moment

After I came back I went straight for a one week retreat to further my studies with Shamanic practitioner training that I had enrolled in October 2018. The topic for interest on this retreat was Divination it could not have come at the right moment in time. As a skeptic of prophecies or the use of Tarot Cards or any Future telling for that matter. It was nothing like I could have experienced it yet again my mind was blow. A lot of the work required me to have a question but a lot of the work also required me to answer the question also. This was different to the classic ask and receive someone else’s opinion but this time fate was in our own hands.

After coming back I had two prophecies running through my Mind “Transform by walking away” and “Follow your intuition for you always know” I spent a week throwing my CVs into every Salon in Glasgow City Centre after being invited for an interview I was delighted and accepted the job when it was eventually given to me. I spent two weeks doing further training when yet again Three breaths later I changed path, I changed the future and all it took was three breaths. I politely sent the company an email declining the job I had accepted and asked the local Convenience store for a job. Many people ask why I work there I reply its 3 days pay for a pay that equates to full time I get to enjoy 4 days off. Isn’t this what life is really about? Maximising your days off to enjoy the income that you work hard to receive to be able to work long term with no dis-ease and no harm to the physical body. With the 4 days I have so much more time for building the life I wish to live long term, I sleep better and I live better. I reminisce and fantasise the life I once lived now and again but after three breaths in I realise that to romanticise 63 hours of work 7 days a week is to romanticise false love appearing real. This is what the present moment has taught me all it takes is 3 breaths in and 3 breaths out to come back to our true purpose. True Nature. Truth.

“The best way to take care of the future, is to take care of the present moment.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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