Just Breathe

It would seem in these precarious times that we are unable to do many things, many things that are our own basic freedoms. Like walking, talking to friends and family, going for dinner or going to watch a movie at the cinema and one that most people will be missing going for a drink on a Friday night, me personally I wouldn’t know what that feels like I haven’t done that in a while out of personal choice because I have come to understand that there is so much on offer in this world. So I invite us all to come to think what can we do in these precarious times?

This is a message to the workers of our society and to anyone who has never truly sat and breathed. People who work only get one month vacation time in the United Kingdom in America you would be lucky to get two weeks vacation. But it seems that those who work can never truly be happy, we now have been welcomed by world organisations and governments to take more than our minimum four weeks holiday but quite possibly two or three months holiday. Those who complain they do not get enough holiday I see still complaining that they are now effectively being given this time to stop. As it stands we are at three weeks shutdown and we are in the 3rd day of that three weeks. So what is it we can do because we can’t go out and theres no point drinking alcohol we have no friends to drink it with so all that we can do is spend the time with the people in our homes. We can finally sit in the home we pay for because we all know that those with mortgages are really paying their homes never to be in them. We sustain our life quite literally for people we don’t like. We work so hard and build businesses or work for a business and become stressed and create diseases and destroy our body and our minds of all connection that we have left with not only the planet but with ourselves. When I heard its a respiratory disease I thought humans are getting back what humans have been doing to mother nature burning the lungs. Humanity are you ready to open your eyes? I ask us all to ask the simple question of “Who am I?” Sit down on the floor and begin to reconnect. For 4 years now I have led a much happier and fufilling life because I am able to simply Breathe. Nobody teaches us how to breathe nobody teaches us how to concentrate heck nobody teaches us how to even sleep or even how to think. Many people still wont know they have a voice within their head telling them what to do. But most importantly most people will go to the grave never even knowing there was a voice in their heart telling them where to go. Not what to do it never does that it tells you where to go. Usually its not far you dont need to climb the tallest mountain or swim the seven seas or hike or run or anything it usually wants you to sit down and breathe with it. It wants you to silence the voice in your head so you become so silent that you will know who you are.

In our society 99% of people are unhappy with 1% happy now we usually see this statistic for wealth its usually 99% of the worlds wealth is owned by the 1%. But as global economys shatter day by day there wont be much wealth, heck there wont be much of anything. In these comings months we could all lose our homes that we haven’t paid off (thankgod i learned to go in the opposite direction as the herd.) we might lose our businesses we might even lose or selves. No doubt divorce rates will skyrocket as the stock rates go down death is already upon us. So what else is there to lose if we cannot breathe if we cannot spend our time with the people we love without the money and the materials then we have nothing and by nothing I mean not a nice nothing more like an emptiness because when the modern man is stripped bear of material and all that lies externally its a pretty nasty site. If we cannot love without conditions then its time we be honest with ourselves and say its not working not that anything is wrong but its quite clearly ourselves that are not working. We all need to stop pointing the fingers to the external and point the finger to our heart and say this is not working its working against me not for me. And seeing as we were never taught how to do anything but consume not to think, not to feel, not to eat, not to concentrate, not to make a living consciously , not to use our awareness, not to use our mind and body to create abundance then we need to be honest yet again and say we have been scammed. We were all told from School and parents and peers to get the grades which in turn means to get the money which was supposed to = happiness well guess what it was a lie and many of us sold our freedom and others bought our freedoms long before we even born. Most people reading this will have created a life for another person never realising that everyone who ever came into their life projected their own insecurities into your mind thus creating the synonymous “monkey see monkey do” The only difference is you bought into a dream. I however get to watch the madness and get to see reality for what it really is. 99% of people are unhappy with 1% happy the difference is this. The 1% realised an even simpler equation to happiness there are two here they are:

  1. I must create a life that is in accordance to my purpose which in turn =happiness
  2. Look at anyone in a suit and ask yourself “Are they happy?”

Out of the two simple ways to create a happy life number 2 will always be the easy option because for number 1 to make happiness a reality then you need to know what your purpose is because by my god does the creator of this divine universe want you to do something bigger and better than being a worker or a business person. There are people dying worldwide they have been for years of many worse diseases than COVID-19 maybe now the west understands just 1% of how the developing world feels. But heres one question for COVID-19 “who profits?” I see Amazon is still operating. However thats not the purpose for this its to get us all to breathe. As I was saying the 1% of people I know to be happy have also no more than 1% material wealth than their counterparts who own everything from homes, second homes, cars, motorhomes, boats and everything in between and the need to replace everything from clothes to kitchens every month because the burning void within. The difference is the 1% have looked within and searched for happiness. I remember when I went in search of my own happiness within only to realise that there was no such thing as permanent happiness. We all want that it sounds great but nothing can be permanent happiness is as fleeting as any other emotion. Its learning to be grateful to be willing to wake up and see beauty within everything that you do and see that is what will bring you lasting happiness be happy that you get frustrated, sad, jealous and even anger because without your other human emotions you would never know what happiness was. But when we learn to breathe we realise that we are less emotional and more steady we become the ebb and flow we become and go back to ourselves.

How to breathe.

From this day forth until and even after the lockdowns worldwide I ask you to breathe here is a simple way to breathe:

  1. Sit on floor (be humble enough to sit on the floor)
  2. bring awareness to your inhalation and exhalation feel your abdomen expand and contract.
  3. Observe the mind if you sit long enough you will become meditative you will stop thinking. You will stop.
  4. repeat as frequently as possible. Become the meditation breathe as you walk feel the breath.

This is the most simple and most effective way to meditate. Meditation Is not some esoteric knowledge its simply doing nothing and all animals and beings do this humans have just forgotten the need to meditate it promotes health and decreases the rates of:

  1. Mental health cases worldwide
  2. increases and stimulates the central nervous system (you need this to work in order for your immune system to strengthen)
  3. Decreases likelihood of Most cancers
  4. increases lung capacity and thus strengthens the respiratory tract.
  5. Self inquiry (we begin to undertand ourselves better)

As a society there is no better time than the present to meditate so do it NOW. 10 minutes. 20 minutes by 30 minutes you will have become silent even the breath you wont notice. By the tenth hour you might have contacted your true self and realised your purpose, potential and the finite amount of time that you have let to fufill your purpose. We don’t live forever. We can’t stop putting this meditation business off you know its one of those things you should do but still haven’t. I have come to see it as people don’t meditate because there ultimately scared that they will either enjoy it or that they will discover their greatest potential. So go on as Charles Bukowski once said

“Do it, do it…DO IT. You’ll be sitting with the Gods.

Charles Bukowski

All great meditators know the secret to meditation is concentration. The ability to concentrate is a given if we wish to do anything spectacular many now call it getting into the flow. Many scientists have done studies on ‘flow’ its primarily associated with the Yogis of India when they would do their asanas their bodies impacted their brain in such a profound way because of the flow of their postures many say they feel one with themselves. As though time stopped and everythig began to intertwine. Here is some ways to develop concentration:

  1. Read 1-5 pages or a full chapter and then write a page worth of what you just read and see how accurate you were. Many people read words but form no story or take knowledge.
  2. Wash and dry the dishes. I used to hate the dishes now I do it for fun because I switch off the mind and become silent but aware and I fully wash and dry the dishes.
  3. sit with a candle and stare at the candle no blinking for 1 munute then rest eyes and resume be fully in concentration with the flame.
  4. pick up a leaf from a plant or from a tree and look at the leaf fully and notice all of the things you hadn’t noticed before and begin to understand the leaf. Fun fact leaves have veins most people have never seen them.
  5. sit down cross legged and do a body scan starting from head to toe feel out the body and notice any pain coming from shoulders,neck, legs even eyes can get sore.

There we are as the Buddha once said “Everyday is an opportunity for one new man to become a Buddha” Many people have heard this Phrase by Buddha but Buddha never told us how to become a buddha because he knew we already were a Buddha there is nothing to attain no wealth, no status, no amount of spiritual advancement nothing can be attained and when we come to this knowledge we see that we can stop. If Buddha did tell us how to become a Buddha it was in this phrase “All people can become a Buddha it is open at any moment to realise but how many people have the desire to become a Buddha ask everyone their desire how many reply ‘happiness or Buddha?'”

Breathing in I notice the Blue sky. Breathing out I become the Blue Sky.

There is no better time than Now for tomorrow never comes take just 5 minutes out of your 24 hour day to breathe and notice the difference it makes invite those around you to do the same if anything happened tomorrow that you did not want then you would wish that you just breathed today with your loved Ones. There is only so much time in life do not spend it being distracted by Netflix, alcohol, social media, dreaming of tomorrow. Top Tip: Meditation is an addition to your life it makes you happy when you are already happy make room for happiness to be experienced live a life where the by product of such a life is happiness. It’s never too late to go after what the heart would have you do.

Enjoy the holidays, Namaste, Om Namah Sivaya

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