Saving Ourselves Saves The Planet

It would seem that the world that we are currently living within is showered in separation, doubt and a natural unknown that is pervading our body, mind, and spirit. As a society, we know not what to do, so we are simply at a crossroads. As a species, we can choose to keep going with the way that we have always gone. Forward. It is the only way. We cannot go anywhere other than forward. We cannot change the clocks back but we can make the necessary change. For the past months, the world has seen a mass number of protests, we have had our world leaders and activist leaders tell us that we need change but so far there has been no change. Unfortunately, this is the way things are. The reason that things remain unchanged is that we ourselves have not changed. We as a species have decided to keep growing our economic infrastructure, we are still drilling into the depths of our beloved Mother Earth in search of minerals and resources. This is the way things are.


It is without a doubt that everything in existence is interconnected. If I shake my hand then tiny minute ripples affect the whole of my physiological and biological structure. However if I, for example, shake another person’s hand then the two hands are physically connected and yet again tiny ripples all around the two bodies will connect and change will happen. This we can take and expand and meditate upon and what we will find at the bottom is that we are all interconnected in some form. A beautiful analogy is that when a cloud appears and creates the rain the rain thus can be collected and can then go on to create tea, it will be poured into your tea and you will find your cloud is in your tea. This is an interconnection. The Tree and plant life create life by sourcing oxygen and we human beings create C02 which allows nature to flourish and live on, both lifeforms give life from the very air that they breathe. A beautiful meditation that we can all do is to wake up in the morning and see a tree and imagine an umbilical cord going out into that tree for it gives us the necessities to live we can allow many umbilical cords to come out of our bodies one at a time, one for each being that allows us to live, the Sun, Oceans, Plants, Bees, and People to name but a few for without any of these we simply could not have been brought into being. I learned this at a time when I saw nothing but helplessness but knowing I am more than myself creates true personal power a great way to walk confidently on this Earth.

Compassion is the only way

Many people have likened the changes that our beautiful planet faces today as a war. It is a war against those who refuse to acknowledge that such a change is happening and those who continue to create profits from such destruction versus those who are protesting and creating awareness of such changes. Neither of these sides will win this ‘War’ there are no winners in division and separation and so long as uncompassion is the way to win change on both sides then there will be no change. With this way of thinking this is our mind discriminating against each other this battle of superiority and inferiority and inequality for all living beings must truly be changed. It can only be changed in on way however my personal favorite way of change: Inner change, it is perhaps the only change that is needed. We need to change the way in which we think because right now many people are using their discriminatory mind not their compassionate mind or seeing things as they are. Global climate change is happening and not happening all at the exact same time. Poverty is happening and not happening all at the same time. Everything that we suppose is bad is always no matter what always is being balanced in this world. As a society, we do not think so much because we believe all that we see hear and feel we believe it all to be true there are very few of us in society who look beyond this manipulation that we are subjected to. We no longer believe that which WE SEE but put our faith in what OTHERS SEE and perceive is going on in the world. If you think something is happening in the world go out into the world and see for yourself. Do not rely on sources but live through experience.

Walls Of Separation

Every human on the surface of the plant should look into the mirror, the internal mirror and dig deep into the wall that we have created inside of ourselves and take one brick from the wall and see the light that emanates there. If we can take down our internal wall then we can create a bridge to a new world a world where truth lies. A world where we see that we are not what we perceive ourselves to be, it is unfortunate for the masses to say that we are in reality, not meat wagons that should just slave away our days. It is imperative that we look within for inward and thus outward change. It is our separation from our true self that has led us to destroy the only home we have. It is our separation from everything that is true that has led us to destroy our eternal mother, Mother Earth. Each brick that is a part of the wall will resemble a part that you have forgotten about yourself. The first will be the microbial life forms that inhabit your body. The second brick will be the DNA of your human ancestral forms that are present within your body. The Third will be the animal ancestors that are present within your body. The fourth Brick will be your marine ancestors that is present within you and the Fifth will be your vegetable and mineral ancestors that which is present within you at this very moment. As you take this internal brick wall down one by one hold each brick and relight the flame of interbeing within you and you will see this wall of separation will come down so fast that you will be left with the last brick the brick that enables you to fully connect with your Mother Earth once again. This is the only way to truly change. This way we can step into this old sacred garden once more. Through this we step into the new Earth as Mother Earth your thoughts thus actions will come from your true being. Each of these symbolic bricks will now be roots and will be present within you each and every moment.

A New Earth

Once we begin this process of the destruction of the internal wall we will not stop for we will want to see the truth of who we are. Once we fulfill this task then we will see change appear on the Earth and all will be corrected. It is necessary for us to reconnect in order to see a change in the world. We cannot blame or shame anyone for what is happening in the world but we can take a vow to change. Recently I have seen the truth in that which plants wish us to truly realize that is. If we are not changing then we do not grow and if we are not growing then we are dying and no being wants to die it is every being’s wish to survive to see as many days as possible. How would you feel if you did not see the sun or anything tomorrow? We should all be grateful that we get to live in times of great change. We should be grateful and gratitude everyday that we get to share this world with our loved ones and that we get to explore and see all of the beauties that this world has in store for us and so it is by moral standard that we preserve and take care of every being as every being is taking care of us and will forever be us.

“I salute the place within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that centre within you and I am at that centre within me, We shall be one.”

~ Crazy Horse

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