The Signs are the times

We are living in times of Crossroads. We are all at a crossroad and we all feel it and many of us do not know what to do about it. We don’t know where to look for information, we do not know where to put our attention to in fact its probably a little scattered. We most likely also do not know where to stream our emotions for fear that we might just say something we regret things we have probably had on our minds a long time but still do not have the courage to speak them out loud. Many people will be reconsidering there “truths” and there “3D reality” many however will not be reconsidering anything wishing to go back in time to a place of comfort. But you cannot go back if you look into the past you will recreate the past better than what it was. The past is gone no longer able to be touched. Yesterday we dont get to have yesterday back only today and tomorrow. At this moment in time our humanity is split into 33. 1/3 of our Population are living in deep inertia wanting to be drunk, eating foods that do not support their human system and believing that life happens to them instead that life comes from them. This 33 is scared of dying yet never question death itself, this 33 is already dead they think they are living they say “yolo” to life only to wake up one day if they are lucky to realise that yes you do only get one life do not spend it being drunk instead marvel at the beauty and meaning of life even if you believe there is no such meaning to life isnt that wonderful is that not beauty at its finest no meaning? Another 1/3 of our population will be wishing back yesterday for fear of losing all that they dare to lose believing the way to achieve human happiness is through handbags, shoes and the external reality never realising or knowing where happiness is generated right here inside of ourselves quite literally inside if you were to measure your brain you would see when you are “happy” certain areas are created we can do this all day everyday happiness and bliss does not need to be a longing anymore. Suffering is inevitable but seen from joy suffering is no longer the same. This 33 however are somewhat aware they know how to create beautiful lives but do not feel the beauty itself so they keep yearning. This 33 seek out spiritual teachers only to feel more unhappy with the void within enlargened. They dabble in everything that creates instant satisfaction.

The real 33

Then we come to what I term the real people. Reality itself a place were reality is not necessarily real but more that reality as we believe it to be is no more than a simple belief. The belief “I will be taken care of by Mother Earth” is not only a belief but true in all sense of the word. For this 33 they to others get all that they desire they look like the have the perfect life eating out of organically grown vegetable patches and living with the most loving families and partners. This 33 are like the other 33 who create all that they want but the simple difference is that the word “want” becomes “need” not need in the sense cannot live without a handbag but more there needs are different there needs are the basic simple needs water, food, clothing etc everything is to make life not easier but more enjoyable. This 33 has accomplished a success that no other group could succeed at. Their Highest success was in realising that they are It. The reason they can speak to animals, plants, trees, buildings, the planet and even a blade of grass is because they realise they are simply “IT” this it is no separate from “I” and I not separate from IT another way would be to say they are simply nothing.

Which reality are you choosing?

All realities are your own making. All realities are your creation you can be happy in times of turmoil. The last of the Human Freedom is how we choose to react and act in every moment. To think and be aware is necessary for the last 33 to not think other than yourself and to see you as the only thing that matters is group number 1 such group wish to know death but never think to search because too busy is there reality. The second 33 is a comfortable position but happiness is not a reality. Only happiness is limited to those of the last 33 they stare so intently at you not because they read your mind as you think they do. But because they realise you are IT and they are only thinking if they are thinking is “Creation your being wonderful at this moment in being IT but no need to think of yourself in such a way. Your doing and being perfect in your own perfection of IT.” This is what is called in Taoism and other spiritualities the cosmic actor you are God believing you are something else in the same way that you play hide and seek with yourself. The last 33 were not exempt of playing hide and seek they were not born awake some are exceptions but many have awoken because of situations that shook them awake. The true people who are truly in state of inertia is when something terrible happens but yet they fail to question why this happened. Because all things were created by you to awaken yourself from this fabulous dream.

Awakening from the dream

The path of awakening is not one to be fantasised but yet many do many people dress awake but a headress, a chalice, a seers stick and crystals only work if the user works. Many people we encounter on this path of life may not feel as intensly as you believe. In the same way that I do not feel as intensly as another. This is not a subject object blame game there is no blame. On the path of the yellow brick road should we speak of it is a path were we may need to let go of people and addiction be that alcohol, food, sexual or drugs there can be an addiction for all things even meditation it is prefusely advised that one stays in the middle of the road to enjoy all realities.

What do mean Realities?

Yes it is true the 3D world of 5 sense reality is our “main reality” it would seem that we are here especiall In the west the longest. But when you realise you are IT you also realise you are all realities in my own way of explaining reality is not concrete no reality is. When you are sick you feel an emotion but when you are well there is also an emotion, emotional reactions coincide and create physical reactions. That is a simple change of reality you are no longer who you identified yourself with the You who was sick. But we can go as far to say that we can go physically inside our bodies many cultures have known what the insides of their bodies and have subsequently mappe out the body for millenia even in more detail as western biology admits. Only in the last 33 category do we see these hidden realities or know of them. These realities could include physical dimensional changes the ability to fly or fall and not get harmed like a dream reality but the dream reality canbe contacted when we are not in REM sleep. Cultures for millenia have known of this subtle reality and even say it is more real than our 3D reality. I have been so fortunate that I have met such people who are in contact with these realities every moment of their day. I cannot explain how one gets to live a life like my own but once you first get contact with such physical people there truly is no going back. The saying “may the truth set you free” is not only true but real. The Matrix Spoon scene is not only a movie scene but reality itself. You cannot say one thing is true and say another is not all realities are true but in a subtle way all lies. True means that which cannot be changed. But as I have said all reality and realities are changeable if you have and know the power to do so. Therefore how much of reality is True. Maybe this is a hidden meaning to the story of life how much of reality is True? It is a question to be yet answered and perhaps cannot be answered. Modern science changes their theories every time a new person proposes a new theory. Each new theory presented as “fact” but I have said define True it means thag which cannot be changed. There is no fact. Facts do not exist they are but a barrier in the mind. To free your mind there can be no barriers. All things must flow. So I question how much longer will it be before 33 becomes 100 what a world we could live within if we just broke the boundaries of our mind. There is not much to do at this moment but one thing you could do is try to see how this reality is very limited that there are no walls and no blocks at all that we can be in contact with another dimension and create our own beautiful reality. But I warn you must just fall down the rabbit hole or fall in love but I guess both are just one and the same.

When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much.

~Steve Jobs

The Purpose of all Posts is to simply open up questions and plant seeds to all those who read.


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